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Alien OG

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Type: Regular

60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Type of High: When you make use of the Alien OG, you start feeling euphoric and happy at the same time. It also makes you feel uplifted yet quite lazy as well. Alien OG is commonly used for depression, loss of appetite, and anxiety.

Description: Although it has roots in California’s very own OG Kush, Alien OG is an out-of-this-world strain with a eputation all its own. This strain has a surprisingly sweet, citrus-like smell, with notes of lemon wafting up from the cured buds. There are also more subtle notes of earth and fresh pine. This is one pungent strain, and its odor can linger for a while after it’s smoked; this might not be the right choice for any smokers trying to keep their consumption discreet.

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