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Why Choose
Castio Farms?

Here at Castio Farms, we value relationships, not transactions. We measure success by the people we help, not how much we sell. We celebrate differences. We aspire to inspire.

The Castio Brands own and operate state of the art grow and processing facilities located in northern Oklahoma. We pride ourselves as a meticulous and creative master medicinal cannabis cultivator and processor with the energy and passion to provide the absolute best cannabis experience, and it shows in our product. Our philosophy is more than growing and processing the best medicinal cannabis; it is cultivating a way of life.

We Grow Quality

Not all cannabis is created equal. Our passion is creating something that will endure the test of time. We do this by relentlessly focusing on the quality of our products and the needs of the consumers of our cannabis products. We tend to, and care for, our plants day and night – from start to finish. Our priority is to create unique medicinal cannabis with an enhanced cannabinoid profile. Our indoor facilities produce premium cannabis flower, all year round, in modern, climate-controlled environments using high-efficient hydroponic system and state-of-the-art CO2 systems. Every component of our facilities is custom designed to create superior cannabis products.

Our goal is to provide Oklahoma consumers of medicinal cannabis the best and most flavorful cannabis that will provide maximum benefit to their wellbeing and health.

We Grow Variety

The strains you’ve heard about in magazines or through stories? Finding and producing those products is what excites and motivates us. We don’t shy away from insurmountable challenges or strains that seem impossible. We strive to give you variety and that is exactly what we deliver.

With almost 50 different strains, Castio Farms offers one of the most varied selections of Sativa, Indica, and hybrids cannabis plants in Oklahoma. We carefully select strains that are not commonly found in most dispensaries in Oklahoma. This means that a consumer is not only getting quality when seeking out a Castio Farms product, they are getting a unique and varied experience.

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We Grow Wellness

The ultimate goal of the consumer of medicinal cannabis is wellness; to feel better. How that is accomplished is unique to each person. Quality, variety and potency are all factors in determining what is the right product for any one consumer. Not only do we provide a variety of strains with our products, we provide a variety of potency. While we grow some of the most potent cannabis available, sometimes less can be more.

We test all of our strains of its cannabis for THC levels. This is an important step before our products are sold to dispensaries or consumers. When considering the type of medicinal cannabis that is right for you, you must consider the THC level.

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Kevin F.

Our philosophy is more than producing the best medicinal cannabis; it is cultivating a way of life